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Why Monarch . . .

Don't you deserve the best? Does service matter to you? Are the little details important?

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Why we our Clients

At Monarch, our clients truly are our extended family.  We travel the world for our clients!  Handle the smallest task, like it is the most important!  We become so involved with all the aspects and details of our clients lives that it’s only natural that a relationship beyond Real Estate and client is formed.  We love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Why we the word “No”

We strive for excellence at Monarch; it’s one of our core values.  We know perfection is an illusion, but when our clients have a request, it’s our tenacious determination for the solution that gives rise to the answer.  In the end, our clients appreciate our resolve on their behalf!

What is Full Service?

At Monarch, it’s not only about the nuances involved in real estate transactions, it’s about truly knowing and understanding our client’s lifestyle at the core.  Going beyond the contract and taking care of the extraordinary with our concierge services.  Having the expertise to know when a property doesn’t work for our clients overall portfolio plan because our estate management services qualify the properties that make the most financial sense.  Our full service, comes full circle – before, during, after closings and beyond!  Beyond the paperwork, beyond the mechanics of the home, to the heart of what matters – Our Clients!